12 Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

metal roof for home

While most homes across the U.S. are fitted with asphalt shingle roofs, people are starting to realize the benefits of other materials. This is especially true in regard to metal roofs. While it was considered an unconventional building material in the past, upgrades in technology and installation processes have made metal roofs one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to replace their roof. There are several benefits of using this material to protect your home, but here are the top 12 reasons to choose a metal roof.

1. They’re Lightweight

When compared to other materials, metal roofing is much lighter. On average, metal roofs weigh about 1.4 pounds per square foot, whereas traditional materials can weigh anywhere between 2 to 5 pounds per square foot. This reduces the strain that’s placed on your home’s structural frame and makes installation faster and more manageable.

2. Easier Installation

While the primary reason metal roofs are easy to install is due to the weight of the materials, the size of sections also contributes to faster, more efficient installation. Rather than having to nail in individual shingles, metal roofs tend to come in panels anywhere from 12 inches to 36 inches wide. This means there are fewer parts to secure and less of a mess left behind. On most homes, a metal roof can be installed in as little as one to two days.

With that being said, it’s important to find a roofing contractor that’s experienced in metal roof installation to avoid problems down the line. Always ask your contractor about their experience and avoid choosing a company based on cost alone. A roof replacement is an investment that needs to be handled properly, otherwise you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs over the years.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Since asphalt shingles need to be replaced more often, they can be harder on the environment. Metal roofs can last up to 50 years and therefore, don’t require unnecessary use of materials. This can help reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing home protection and comfort. Metal is also 100% recyclable, so when you need to undergo a roof replacement, you can feel confident that your home upgrades are eco-friendly and reusable. In fact, most metal roofs that are installed on a home are made of up to 25% recycled material. Plus, the surface of metal roofs is perfect for solar panel installation, which can further decrease your environmental footprint.

4. Great in All Climates

Regardless of where you live or what type of climate you experience, metal roofs are a great option. They’re able to sustain every climate throughout all of the seasons in the year. This means they’re just as good in harsh winters with heavy snowfall as they are in sweltering summers with high UV rays. The surface of metal roofs is also rust resistant and more waterproof than other materials, so they’re great for spring weather with heavy rainfall.

5. Strong Durability

Metal is one of the most durable materials you can use to construct your new roof. It’s ability to shield you and your family from the weather is unmatched and can withstand strong winds and harsh weather with minimal damage. In fact, they can withstand winds of up to 140 mph, which is beneficial for homes subject to hurricanes, tornadoes, or high-speed winds. If you’ve endured damage from harsh weather in the past and are tired of constantly repairing your roof, talk to your roofing contractor about your options for switching to metal.

6. Ongoing Longevity

Metal roofing is known for its ability to outlast traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles or shake. When it’s installed properly by experienced professionals, metal roofing can last anywhere between 25 to 50 years or more. This is because metal roofs aren’t as prone to problems over time and surprisingly don’t experience extreme thermal expansion and contraction.

There are several different options for the types of metal you can use on your roof and some of the higher end materials can last over 50 years when properly cared for. For example, metal roofs made out of aluminum shingles can last over 50 years while those made of zinc or even copper can last up to 100 years. While the upfront investment is higher, the longevity can save you money on roof replacements in the future.

7. Smaller Roof Pitch

The roof pitch of your home refers to the steepness of the planes or the degree in which the surface deviates from the horizontal features on your home. Flat roofs, therefore, have a pitch of zero. Roofs that have a higher pitch are more prone to damages from wind and other harsh weather. Metal materials can be installed with a small pitch to help you avoid damage and elongate the lifespan of your roof. Oftentimes, they’re installed on a low-slope roof, or one with a slope that has a pitch of less than three. This means that the roof only raises three inches for each horizontal foot of the home. There are several benefits to using this installation process, with the primary one being less expensive installation. Metal roofs can also be installed on homes with higher slopes.

8. Less Water Damage

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail can damage any type of roof, especially in regard to water damage. During winter months, the buildup of snow can lead to ice dams, which can cause dangerous conditions and severe damage to your home’s structural integrity. With metal roofs, you’ll experience unparalleled rain and snow shedding. Since the surface of metal is, by nature, fairly slippery, rain and snow don’t stick to the surface. Instead, they easily slide off and away from your home. Depending on the color you choose for your metal roof, you may be able to further benefit from shedding. Dark colors are especially helpful, as they attract the sun and encourage snowmelt. This reduces the weight and pressure on your roof, which helps keep your home from undergoing excess strain that can lead to further problems.

9. Effective Fire-Resistance

If you live in an area that’s prone to wildfires, metal roofs can help protect your home. The material is completely fire-resistant, which can reduce property damage in case of an emergency. Always make sure that your metal roofing materials are Assembly-Rated Class A, which means that they’ve been specially designed to provide an added layer of fire protection.

10. High Energy Efficiency

Your roof has a big impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home. Metal is both reflective and emissive, which can drastically reduce your monthly utility bills for cooling during the summer. While you might think that the metal surfaces attract and retain heat, the opposite is true. Metal roofs have high reflectivity, which means they reflect the sun’s rays back and away from your home rather than absorbing them. The fewer UV rays that are absorbed, the less the surface heats up and causes temperatures in your attic to rise. Metal roofing helps reduce the amount of heat transference on hot, sunny days.

Energy efficient metal roofs also have a high natural emissivity, meaning that they tend to cool off quickly after the sun goes down. This reduces excess strain on your AC unit, which lowers electricity costs. In fact, homeowners that switch to metal tend to see savings of up to 30% per month on HVAC costs.

11. Moss and Fungus Proof

Dealing with moss and fungi growth on your roof is an annoying and tireless job. Once it appears, it can be difficult to remove and oftentimes signifies underlying water damage or some degree of vulnerability. Metal roofs are completely moss and fungus proof, meaning fewer things you have to worry about throughout the year. Thanks to their strength and durability, the materials also make it impossible for pests, wild animals, and rodents to get into your home and nest throughout the year.

12. Flexibility with Aesthetics

Finally, metal roofs allow for optimal customization in regard to aesthetics. They can be painted in hundreds of different colors, coated with materials to emulate various textures, and can be adapted to fit any style. To find the best option for your home, talk to your roofing contractor. If you don’t like the color you choose, repainting a metal roof is much easier than switching out shingles.

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