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FSE offers installation, repairs, and maintenance of fences and decks with their dependable and skilled crews.

Fence and Deck Installation Made Easy

Fences do so much for a property but can be difficult to install or repair without a professional contractor. The Fencing team at First Star Exteriors has the expertise and project examples that show our team’s skill.

Fencing adds safety, privacy and security to your home or business. They keep kids and pets safely contained while discouraging trespassers. They delineate a private space for you and your family, allowing you to enjoy your backyard. And they improve curb appeal. A beautiful fence surrounding your house or a sturdy fence around your business increases property value and impresses visitors. At First Star Exteriors, our team of master designers loves to help customers match the perfect fence to their property and lifestyle.


Fence Types: Not sure what material would be best for your fence? No problem. At First Star Exteriors, we know fence materials inside out and would be happy to discuss your situation and recommend the best fence for you. Our materials include:

  • Wood fence – Cedar is our customers’ favorite wood for privacy fences. Pine, cypress, redwood, fir, and spruce are other good softwood choices for privacy fences. Natural resins in evergreen softwoods repel termites and mold.
  • Ornamental fence – Custom ornamental fencing is beautiful, strong, and long-lasting. Ornamental fencing balances a classic decorative look with a high level of security.
  • Vinyl fence – Features like longevity, easy maintenance and a good choice of colors make vinyl another popular fence choice. Many homeowners choose vinyl because it typically lasts much longer than other fences and is nearly five times stronger than wood.
  • Chain link fence – While not the crowd favorite in the aesthetics category, chain link is long-lasting, good value and provides a high amount of security. Chain link fences are especially good for businesses and industrial property. But the new epoxy dipped black chain link fence as recently became a residential top favorite.
  • Composite – A new favorite with our eco-conscious clients, composite fencing looks like wood but is actually made from post-consumer recycled fiber and plastic materials. Composite fences look great while keeping milk containers out of the landfill, plus they’re low-maintenance.
Front Gate and Fences

First Star Exteriors Fencing with integrity:

In addition to unique designs, fence installations from First Star Exteriors include:

  • Removal and recycling of old fence materials.
  • Completion of fence permit, following local fence rules and regulations.
  • Careful measurement of slope for a long lasting fence.
  • Building of fence footers for support, set in concrete.

Whether you’re looking for privacy from close neighbors, security for your home or pool, or unobstructed views of wide open spaces, our custom fences offer you the beauty and longevity you seek. You can also feel good about your investment knowing that most of our fencing units are practically maintenance free. From the ornate beauty of wrought iron to the secure functionality of chain link or ranch fences, we take care to fit each to your exact needs and always work to exceed your expectations.

Residential Fences

At First Star Exteriors, we understand that each family is unique. That’s why we take the time to match the best fence with your needs. Our designers will discuss factors that make your family and property special, including whether you have a pool, if you garden, whether you have kids or pets, and how you hope to use your backyard.

Commercial Fences

First Star Exteriors installs commercial fences around Arkansas. From oil and gas fields to community swimming pools, storage unit facilities, sports venues and to factories, First Star Exteriors has done it all. Our business customers count on us to provide security and peace of mind on their property.

When using First Star Exteriors for your next exterior project, Just remember our companies’ main values: Integrity – Purpose – Mission