9 Advantages of Installing a New Roof

The exterior of your home faces a lot of stress. From harsh winters with freezing temperatures to sweltering summers with high UV rays, deterioration is inevitable. One of the main areas that’s affected by these things is your residential roof. While a home’s roofing system is meant to last for years, no materials are durable enough to withstand the test of time. Eventually, either due to the aging appearance or increase in repairs required, you’ll want to undergo a new roof installation. Since this is often a hefty investment, homeowners are reluctant to undergo this renovation prematurely. However, there are a lot of great advantages of installing a new roof. Here, we’ll explore nine of the biggest benefits of new roof installations.

1. Improved Curb Appeal

One of the most obvious benefits of installing a new roof is the upgraded curb appeal that you’ll enjoy. Regardless of if your roof is 20 years old and visibly deteriorating or simply out of date with the aesthetics of your home, new installations allow for you to significantly improve curb appeal. Your roof is the most visible part of your home and upgrading to fresh materials will allow you to completely change the look and feel of the other features on your home.

When designing your new roof, you have access to thousands of combinations of different colors, materials, styles, and designs. If you already know how you want your home to look, that’s great. Otherwise, you can work with your roofing contractor to choose the best option and turn your vision into a reality.

Curb appeal does wonders for the exteriors of your home, but it also instills a sense of pride in many homeowners. This alone can be worth the investment.

2. Ability to Add Modern Features

Roofing technology has changed a lot over the years. There are some very innovative features that can be added today to help modernize your home and get the most out of your investment. Even the techniques for installing shingles have evolved, meaning a new installation can make a big difference on the overall efficiency of your home. You have options for reflective shingles, water-resistant materials, solar panels, and eco-friendly additions. Talk to your roofing contractor about how you can take advantage of some of the newest roofing designs and features available.

3. Increases Property Value

Installing a new roof adds a lot of value to your home, which is important if you plan to move at some point in the future. Some people even find that installing a new roof before they put their home on the market increases their property value significantly. You’ll want to work with a contractor to determine the costs versus payoffs, but it’s definitely something to consider. If you don’t plan on moving for at least five to 10 years, a new roof will still do wonders for your future property value. Newer roofs attract more interested buyers and can expedite the selling process. It can attract house hunters and help your home stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

4. Greater Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners don’t realize that their roofing system is a huge contributor to the overall energy efficiency of your home. Certain materials reflect UV rays that heat the interior of your residence, while insulation and ventilation help keep your home comfortable year-round. When you install a new roof, talk to your roofing contractors about the best materials to use. Installing shingles that help reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, means that your home’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. This, in turn, directly translates to lower energy bills throughout the year. Similarly, when you install a new roof, the contractors will make sure that ventilation is optimized, and your attic insulation is sufficient enough to avoid losing too much warm or cool air throughout the year.

5. New Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer warranties tend to last between two to 25 years depending on the materials and contractor performing the installation. However, most people move into a new home with no idea of whether or not their warranty is still active. If your warranty has lapsed, a lot of repairs, labor, and even materials are no longer covered. This means high out-of-pocket costs for you when things go wrong. By installing a new roof you’ll get a new manufacturer warranty with excellent coverage. Depending on the materials you choose, you may even avoid paying for minor repairs for a few years following your roofing installation. Just make sure to discuss the details of the warranty with your contractor to better understand your coverage and benefits ahead of time so there are no surprises down the road.

6. Lower Insurance Premiums

One often overlooked advantage of installing a new roof is a lower monthly insurance premium. When you replace your roof, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Due to the improved structural stability and protection against damage that’s associated with newer materials, you’ll likely be able to save between 5% and 20% on your monthly premium. Higher discounts are often associated with more modern materials, especially in the case of fire- and water-resistant shingles, so discuss your options with your roofing contractor to get the most out of your investment.

7. Strengthened Protection

Roofs protect you from the outside elements and over time, this protection can fade. Old, deteriorating materials aren’t necessarily going to leave you completely exposed, but they do increase the risk of problems that allow elements to get inside of your home and cause damage. When left untreated, water damage, mold, mildew, and poor ventilation can lead to structural support issues that can present dangerous situations. With a new roof, you’ll enjoy superior protection that keeps you and your family feeling safe. Your home will also be better protected against harsh weather, especially snow, wind, hail, and strong UV rays.

8. Reduces Maintenance

Old roofs require a lot of maintenance work. Over time, the materials degrade and aren’t as strong as they once were. This means that shingles are more likely to buckle, crack, or even be blown away by moderate winds. When your roofing system incurs these types of damages, you’ll need to repair them to avoid even more expensive problems down the line. When you install a new roof, you won’t have to deal with these types of issues for years. As long as your contractor installs your roof well, you’ll be able to get away with minimal maintenance for a long time. However, it’s still important to keep up with basic yearly maintenance and undergo roofing inspections, especially following a storm. Even new roofs aren’t indestructible and the best way to mitigate problems is to catch them early.

9. Enjoy a New Look

Finally, installing a new roof allows you to enjoy your home in a whole new way. You can stay in line with your current style or completely renovate the aesthetics with a drastic change. Regardless of which option you choose new roofing installations act like a face lift for your home that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Installing a new roof has several benefits for homeowners, but it’s still a big investment. If you’re unsure about undergoing a roof replacement, talk to a professional contractor to get an estimate and consider your budget. This allows you to weigh your options and determine whether or not it’s a good time to make the change. However, if your roof is in bad shape and unlikely to pass an inspection, getting it replaced is important for the safety of your family. To better understand your situation, talk to a professional roofing contractor like the ones at First Star Exteriors. Our professionals are available to walk you through the costs of a new roof in various materials so you can better understand your options.

If you’re interested in undergoing a new roof installation, contact the professionals at First Star Exteriors today. We believe there’s a perfect balance between hands-on, personable treatment, quality of work, and speed of delivery. The contractors at First Star Exteriors always take the time to understand your needs and communicate effectively from the first quote to the last nail placed. To learn more about our roofing options or to get a quote from us today within 48 hours, contact us at (479) 267-4800 or fill out our contact form here.

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