The Most Common Problems Caused by Poor Attic Ventilation

The attic is an important part of a home for several reasons. It’s where insulation is installed to help keep your home’s temperatures warm during the winter and cool in the summer. This, in turn, reduces energy costs and improves overall comfort levels. An attic is also a critical component of a building’s structure, and

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The Impact of Snow and Ice on Your Home’s Roofing System

Winter weather can be beautiful and marks the turn of many people’s favorite season. It means the holidays are near, which usually equals more time for friends and family. While getting cozy in front of a fireplace is a great way to keep warm indoors, it’s your home’s exterior that helps maintain comfortable temperatures. Your

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How to Choose the Best Roof for Your Home

Making the decision to install a new roof isn’t always easy. The upfront investment can be quite high, especially if you’re interested in certain materials. While roof replacements for cosmetic purposes aren’t time sensitive, installations to fix damage or deterioration should be scheduled quickly. Regardless of if you want a new roof to upgrade aesthetics

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Does the Color of Your Roofing Shingles Matter?

Whether you’re building a new residence, making upgrades to your current home, or renovating a newly purchased property, the roof is one of the most important features to consider. How you construct your roof can impact the overall energy efficiency of your home, the aesthetics, and even the level of interior comfort. Many people focus

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What to Do Following a Hailstorm

Hailstorms can lead to significant damage on your roof, siding, and exposed vehicles. Unfortunately, they’re often unpredictable in severity and timing, which makes it difficult to prepare. While you can protect your vehicle whenever it’s not in use, there’s not much you can do in terms of added protection for your roof. The best thing

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12 Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

While most homes across the U.S. are fitted with asphalt shingle roofs, people are starting to realize the benefits of other materials. This is especially true in regard to metal roofs. While it was considered an unconventional building material in the past, upgrades in technology and installation processes have made metal roofs one of the

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How to Care for a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, but they provide homeowners with a level of unbeatable protection. They’re fire-resistant, immune to mold and fungus growth, good for the environment, and help repel water and snow to reduce damage. Metal roofs can also boost your home’s

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How to Spot and Fix a Damaged Commercial Roof

While commercial roofs are constructed out of extremely durable materials, they’re not immune from damage. Whether it’s strong winds, heavy rainfall, or simply the passage of time, eventually you’re going to need to perform repairs. Since commercial buildings tend to have flat roofs, the risk of water pooling increases substantially. This is why it’s important

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9 Advantages of Installing a New Roof

The exterior of your home faces a lot of stress. From harsh winters with freezing temperatures to sweltering summers with high UV rays, deterioration is inevitable. One of the main areas that’s affected by these things is your residential roof. While a home’s roofing system is meant to last for years, no materials are durable

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How to Choose the Right Ventilation for Your Roof

Your home’s roofing system is comprised of variable parts that work together to provide a safe, comfortable internal environment. When one part of your roofing system fails, it can negatively affect the others and create problems for your home. This is especially true in regard to ventilation, which is also one of the most commonly

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