Choosing the Right Style for Your Exterior Home Design

exterior home design

Choosing the right exterior style for your home is a big decision—it sets the tone for your entire living space. But with so many architectural styles out there, it can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re choosing a design for a custom build or doing some minor work to change up the aesthetics, here are some tips to help you find an exterior design that fits your taste, lifestyle, and the character of your neighborhood.

Different Types of Exterior Design

You can choose from countless different architectural styles and home exterior design options. Although the list is quite extensive, the primary categories for the architectural style of your home include:

Contemporary and Modern Designs — These designs often emphasize geometric shapes and open spaces. The architecture involves sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and materials like steel, concrete, and glass.

Victorian Homes — These are known for ornate details, steeply pitched roofs, and plenty of asymmetrical shapes. Oftentimes, they’re painted using vibrant exterior colors.

Neoclassical Styles — Neoclassical homes incorporate tall columns and use a symmetrical facade similar to classical Greek and Roman architecture.

Ranch or Modern Farmhouse Styles — Characterized by a single-story layout, these homes are built to maximize functionality and simplicity. They tend to have open floor plans and incorporate plenty of rustic materials.

Cottage-Style Home — These homes tend to be built in a way that emits a quaint charm with plenty of coziness. They tend to incorporate steep roofs, dormer windows, and decorative details like shutters and flower boxes.

Design Elements to Consider When Designing Your Dream Home

Of course, you don’t have to choose your home’s exterior design strictly based on the “categories” above. If you’re working with a custom home builder, you can easily incorporate your personal style to create a unique hybrid. To help you define your home’s style, consider the following elements.

Choosing a Color Palette

One of the first things you’ll want to do is consider exterior color palettes. There are endless options for color choices, from light colors and neutral tones to warm colors or bright accents. However, you may need to narrow your options for house colors if you’re in a homeowners association (HOA), so always check their regulations first, especially if you want to add an accent color in a more unique style (e.g., dark purple siding or bright red shutters). Colors can make a huge difference in the style of your house, so take the time to test some color schemes with your other plans before hiring painters.

Choosing Exterior Materials

You’ll also want to choose the type of material for your siding and roof. Residential siding comes in various options, each with unique advantages and drawbacks. For example, wood siding offers a unique appearance, but it’s more susceptible to warping and water damage. Vinyl siding is often the most popular, as it’s budget-friendly and available in plenty of specific colors to match your exterior. You can even choose between vertical and horizontal siding.

Choosing the right materials for your roof is also an important decision. There are several types of roofing to consider. Whether you go with the classic shingles or a more modern metal roof is up to you and your style. For help with choosing the best roof to complement your home’s siding and exterior, talk to your roofing contractor.

Choosing Your Roof Style

Once you have the materials down, you’ll want to choose a style for your roof. Depending on the overall architectural look that you’re going for, this can range from steep slopes to more flat ridges. There are a range of options available, so make sure to ask if you want to try something to give your home a unique appearance.

Texture Options for the Exterior of Your Home

While vinyl siding remains a popular choice for many homeowners, you can also add texture to your exterior. Traditionally, bricks were the most common texture option, but several other materials can now be incorporated. Metal, stucco, stone, and wood are just a few examples. If you’re interested in incorporating texture into your siding or other features of the exterior house, talk to your contractor to learn more.

Transform Your Home with Exterior Features

After getting all of the big items done, it’s time to incorporate elements like windows, doors, decks, and landscaping. Installing or replacing windows can transform the exterior of your home and offer several benefits. Their optimal form and function can save you money on electricity bills, help block UV lighting, and more.

If you plan to enjoy some time outside and have space for it, consider installing a deck or patio. If you want some privacy around your yard, choosing a nice fence may also be a good idea. To finish your exterior design, add some landscaping and plant some flowers.

How to Choose the Right Style of Your Home’s Exterior

Choosing the right exterior design isn’t as easy as picking an exterior paint color and adding a few architectural details. If you want to create a cohesive look that has plenty of curb appeal and complements your lifestyle, it’s important to put in some prep work.

Consider Interior Design

First, think about how you want your home to look and feel. The feel and decor inside your home should complement the particular style you choose for your exterior. Otherwise, things can feel a little chaotic. If you’re unsure how to combine interior and exterior design, sit down with a professional to review your options. Whether you’re doing a remodel or building from the ground up, making the right decision from the start will save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Factor in Energy Efficiency

There are also some ways that you can create a more energy-efficient home. Using more insulated materials and high-performance windows can make a huge difference over time. Orienting your home based on natural light can also increase passive solar heating or minimize sunlight exposure to help keep things cool. Reflective roofing materials can reduce heat gain, but solar panels can help you harness the UV. If you live in an especially warm area, opt for light-colored exterior finishes to reflect sunlight. Your contractor can also help you with more energy-efficient options if you’re looking to maximize those features.

Create a Practical Budget

Budget is one of the most important considerations when planning your home’s exterior. Incorporating a practical budget is essential for a smooth and successful construction process. Establishing a realistic budget allows you to clearly define your financial limits and allocate funds appropriately to various aspects of the project, including materials, labor, permits, and unexpected expenses.

While you might want to use certain materials, they can add up and become quite costly. Brick, for example, is far more expensive than vinyl. However, there are options to create a textured look with new styles and colors of cheaper material. It’s best to work with your contractor to determine whether the options you’ve chosen are realistic for your budget, as they’ll be able to provide you with alternatives that fit your vision.

Ultimately, creating a practical budget is a foundational step that lays the groundwork for a successful home build, ensuring you can achieve your vision within your means.

Partner with a Professional for Custom Home Design Styles

Selecting the right style of home for your lifestyle and budget can be overwhelming. Although there are several factors to consider, it’s important to talk about your options with a professional, especially regarding your roof system and siding.

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